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In this category, attractions and other objects are announced for which
ROMY AGENCIES has received demands.

These demands concern:

  • Attractions/objects wanted for sale.

In case you have something on offer with regard to 1 of the mentioned objects
contact us at sales@romyrides.com and we will forward our conditions.


90   KMG FREAK OUT. 16 seats 
96   KMG INVERSION. 12 seats 
110   TIVOLI REMIX ORBITER. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer: TIVOLI REMIX ORBITER trailer mounted - 4 arms / 12 cars - info with all relevant technical documentation can ber sent to info(at)romyrides.com  
115   HUSS BREAKDANCE III. Travelling model. 
120   SAFECO JUMP AND SMILE/CRAZY FROG. WANTED TO BUY: 12 or 14 cars - from year of construction 2000. 
130   REVERCHON WILD MOUSE. With/without transport - with design review. 
140   GIANT WHEEL 25 to 33 m. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer: GIANT WHEEL trailer mounted - height 25 to 33 m - with all relevant technical documentation.  
141   GIANT WHEEL 45+ m . WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer: GIANT WHEEL travelling model - height from 45 m with design review + statical calulations and/or TÜV certification. 
145   GIANT WHEEL 25 - 33 m. WANTED by one of our contacts: GIANT WHEEL park model - height 25 to 33 m. 
150   FUNTIME EJECTION SEAT. Travelling model. 
151   TECHNICAL PARK EJECTION SEAT. Travelling model. 
160   SLIDE. WANTED TO BUY: Traveling or park model - 4 or more lanes. 
181   ZIERER WAVE SWINGER. Travelling or park model - 36/48 seats. 
301   FUNHOUSE. Trailer mounted, 2 or 3 floors. 
354   BERTAZZON BUMPER CARS. Wanted BERTAZZON dodgem cars type TOKYO. 
360   REVERCHON BUMPER CARS. Wanted REVERCHON dodgem cars type KARMA + ALMA. 
370   BUMPER CARS. Wanted 1 or 2 single person dodgem / bumper cars. 
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