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Romy Agencies SALE and PURCHASE of used and new CARNIVAL, PARK and FAIR EQUIPMENT


Used equipment and other objects for sale you will find on our pages "Used":

  • MAJOR RIDES as: Ride, Coaster, Ghost Train, Dodgem Track, Fun House, Mirror Maze etc.
  • CHILDREN'S RIDES as: Galloper, Mini Coaster, Air Jet, Toy Set, Scalextric, Buggy etc.
  • GAMES as: Skill Game, Automat,  Game Trailer, Container, Shooting Stall etc.
  • VENDING AFFAIRS as: Candy Floss, Fish Chips Trailer, Candy Sugar Sticks etc. 
  • MISCELLANEOUS as: Theatre, Cinema, Simulator, Wall of Death, Hi Striker, Circus, Organ etc.
  • LIVING TRAILERS, TRUCKS and CRANES as: Draw bar Livings, Fifth Wheel Livings, American Trailers, Trucks, Trailers, Cranes, Special Fair and Carnival Transport etc. 

Consider that not every piece of equipment is listed on the website. 
In case you do not find where you are looking for feel free to contact us sales@romyrides.com  


In our division "New" we can offer you:

  • SPECTACLES as: Giant Wheel 33-45 m., Roller Coaster.

  • MAJOR RIDES as: Spin Out, Waltzer, Tropical Trip - Miami Trip, Wave Swinger, Tip Top, Remix, Orbitor, Scorpion, Clifhanger and Hurry Cane.
  • FAMILY ATTRACTIONS as: Ghost Train - Dark Ride, Fun House, Mirror Maze, Slide, Merry go Round, Galloper and Family Coaster.
  • CHILDREN'S RIDES as: Aeroplane Carousel, Mini Dodgems, Mini Cars, Toy Set, Kiddy Coaster, Slide, Mini Matterhorn, Buggy Circuits, Rail Tracks and Scalextric.
  • GAMES as: Derby Race, Spyromania, Straight Up Racer, Wacky Water Racer, Balloon Water Game, Fire Fly, Electronic Shooting Gallery and Basketball lanes.
  • LASER WORKING ATTRIBUTES as: Electric Chair.
  • PROPS as: Animated Figures for Dark Rides.
  • OTHERS as: Remote Controlled Model Water and Road Circuits with cars, trucks, boats and cruisers. Orbiter Bumper Cars, Aqua Blasta Water Games, Junior Forklifters, Junior and Senior Aquabugs, Salto Trampolines also on trailer.

On our page "Wanted" you find: 

  • Equipment for which we have enquiries to purchase.
  • Locations and/or periods for which 1 of our contact wants a piece of equipment.
  • Free spots on parks, fairs and other locations to operate. 
  • Free dates/equipment for which owner demands spot/place to operate. 

On our page "Rentals" you find all kind of attractions and other equipment for rent: 

  • When it is "PARTYTIME" or you have a celebration or other festivity we can supply several and different attractions. From 1 piece to a complete fun fair.
  • We also provide equipment on behalf of "OLD TYME FAIRS".
  • All equipment is available for filming, television, advertising or promoting new and existing products.
  • Equipment is provided with valid safety certificates, third party insurance and are operated by professional operators.

Romy Agencies is acting as booking-office on behalf of all kind of promotions to support your festivity:

  • Artists, fireworks etc to promote your events as fairs, carnivals, jubilees etc.
  • You want to sell your equipment! 

For some types of equipment we already have customers waiting. 
In other cases ROMY AGENCIES offers you several possibilities to support the sale of your equipment.

  • You want to purchase new or used equipment!

Romy Agencies has several direct contacts with showowners, parks, manufacturers and other suppliers.
Should you be interested in a specific piece of equipment we likely can offer you more objects.


Our customers are:

  • Travelling showmen.
  • Rental companies.
  • Theme, amusement and fun parks.

Equipment supplied through our intervention is operated worldwide in 25 different countries.

Should you need our assistance feel free to contact Bertus Flikkema sales@romyrides.com









Bertus Flikkema 
Rondweg 3
The Netherlands
Tel +31 545-294077
Mobile +31 654-305560

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