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In case your address details are not known to our office you have to mention these together with your phone / fax numbers in your correspondence.

Mention the reference number of the object in question.

In case you are looking for a piece and it is not listed send your requirements about the wanted object and we will try to trace such a piece.

Certain owners want discretion reason that at certain objects not all information is announced.

For further details or more pictures of the offered objects here below click on the reference number.

10002   KMG FREAK OUT on trailer. 1 transport - 16 seats. 
10057 2 FLOOR GHOST TRAIN. On trailer - 6 cars.  
10085   1982 HUSS RANGER. Road-model - 40 seats. 
10100 GIANT WHEEL - trailer mounted. 24 6-seats cars - height 32 m. 
10116   TECHNICAL PARK OVER THE TOP 32 seats. 
10140   HUSS TOP SPIN 2. Travelling model - capacity 28 persons - new drive - in 1st class condition - TÜV approval. 
10683   2 FLOOR GO-KART TRACK. 11 karts - TÜV tested - with/without transport. 
15620 1998 MYSTERY HOTEL. 3D performance with free fall - 2 gondolas each 15 persons - constructed on 2 artic trailers. 
19028   BUMPER CARS. 12 BERTAZZON SPACER - made 2017. 
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