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In this category, attractions and other objects are announced for which
ROMY AGENCIES has received demands.

These demands concern:

  • Attractions/objects wanted for sale.

In case you have something on offer with regard to 1 of the mentioned objects
contact us at sales@romyrides.com and we will forward our conditions.


90   KMG FREAK OUT. WANTED TO BUY by 1 of our contacts - 16 seats. 
91   KMG AFTERBURNER - FIRE BALL. WANTED TO BUY by interested buyer: KMG AFTERBURNER 24 seats - travelling model - with German TÜV + construction design. Offers with description of belonging parts + recent pictures and asking price can be sent to info@romyrides.com or Romy Agencies- Rondweg 3 - 7161PP NEEDE(NL)  
96   KMG INVERSION. 12 seats 
130   REVERCHON WILD MOUSE. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer REVERCHON SPINNING MOUSE with/without transport - with design review. Offers can be sent to info@romyrides.com 
140   GIANT WHEEL 25 to 33 m. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer: GIANT WHEEL trailer mounted - height 25 to 33 m - with all relevant technical documentation.  
145   GIANT WHEEL 25 - 33 m. WANTED by one of our contacts: GIANT WHEEL park model - height 25 to 33 m. 
352   ADESKO DODGEM TRACK. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer: ADESKO DODGEM TRACK on draw-bar or artic trailer. Offers can be sent to info@romyrides.com 
354   BERTAZZON BUMPER CARS. Wanted BERTAZZON dodgem cars type TOKYO. 
360   REVERCHON BUMPER CARS. Wanted REVERCHON dodgem cars type KARMA + ALMA. 
701   AQU BLASTA. Fire or medieval themed water game, 4 player, with or without trailer. 
712   2 floor MIRROR MAZE/GLASSHOUSE. WANTED TO BUY by order of interested buyer 2 floor MIRROR MAZE / GLASS HOUSE on trailer - maximal length 12/13 m. 
Bertus Flikkema 
Rondweg 3
The Netherlands
Tel +31 545-294077
Mobile +31 654-305560

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